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HANDCRAFTED ADIRONDACK-STYLE FURNITURE: Bill Castle carries on the Adirondack tradition of handcrafting live edge, single slab tables, bars, benches and doors by harvesting native woods as those of the Greater Adirondack area. Bill works on custom commission designs and maintains an inventory of tables, chairs, and benches that are carved and ready for delivery. Bill also specializes in hand carved signage and has raw wood slabs ready for delivery. Bill is heavily influenced by the simple but beautiful work of George Nakashima - Japan's world-famous furniture maker and is best known for his radical, hand-chiseled approach to table surface treatments (inspired as a way to avoid the use of power tools). Tell us about your project.

Bill says, "The Adirondack style reunites people with nature. Our custom handcrafted furniture & signage gains value with age."

TECHNIQUE: Crooked or wind-blown trees provide an alternative to commercial lumber production and forest devastation. For a builder, this allows the privilege of selection and the chance to seek out unusual tree, twig, and bark formations. Surfaces are sealed with a coating of shellac (a natural preservative produced from the secretions of the South East Asian beetle) and a hand-rubbed tung oil finish. Sometimes, the natural red cedar, yellow birch, white pine, and ironwood is stained with coffee, wine, or black walnut hulls.

Custom Carved Signage


Hand carved, live edge signs. Finished with 3 coats of spar varnish, designed for years of exterior exposure without maintenance. Cost: Starting at $21 per letter depending on font size, plus cost of species & figure of wood blanks. Use this form to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project.


In addition to furniture, we have raw wood slabs ready for pick-up or delivery. See some examples or contact us to discuss having wood cut to size for your project. We have a custom, Amish-made, band saw that can handle logs up to 5 feet in diameter and up to 24 feet long.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT: Contact Bill with questions or to schedule a in-person meeting. Ask custom commissions or get more information about tables and raw slabs in our inventory available for delivery.