Come to Pollywogg Holler
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GREETINGS FROM YOUR HOSTS: Pollywogg Holler is the birth of a dream that started back in 1976 when Barb and Bill Castle entered this enchanted forest with their three young children, a bunch of hand tools, and a vision to establish a home site and life style that would be in harmony with nature, a reprieve from our hectic modern life.

After opening their doors as an Eco-Resort in 86’ the Castle’s continued to expand the property to grow with their families in the decades that followed. The property is now managed by their oldest son, Mickey and his wife, Tammy, where they are raising their young son, William, to be in harmony with nature. (Family photo courtesy of Soulshine Photography Studio, Bemont, NY.)

"We continue to grow in love as a family business and invite all that are interested to come and share this love at Pollywogg Holler. Happy Trails!" --The Castle Family

VISITING HOURS: There are no more public visiting hours scheduled for 2021. We are open by reservation only.  

MAKE RESERVATIONS: At Pollywogg Hollër, an unforgettable escape from civilization awaits you. Book your stay now.